Saturday, April 5, 2008

This is going to hurt tomorrow.

It was such a beautiful day out today that I simply could not stay in the house. So I went outside and decided to turn the dirt in my new hand. Doesnt sound too bad righ? WRONG!! This said dirt has never been worked before. It was like working fucking concrete! I cant feel my shoulders or my feet, and my knee, the size of a balloon. It only took me 5 fucking hours to do it!! But I did triple the size of my garden from last year, so I knew it was going to be alittle work. I was just hoping for a rottertiller, but no such luck. So Ive decided that the seperate garden I was going to plant for the watermelon, cantalope and pumpkins (because they get HUGE and vine everywhere and need ALOT of space seperate from all the other veggies that they tend to snuff out) is NOT going to get worked. Fuck that shit. Everything grew just fine last year. Im just gonna dump some potting soil on the ground and let them go to town. And Im so out of shape that I thought I was going to die, for real, from working all the soil. Boy thought I was going to keel over and die my face was so beet red.

I also went for a walk in my back yard today. We have quite a bit of acrage and I love hiking (even though its nowhere near hiking) so I took a walk to the back of the property then picked my way through some bush to get to the swamp that lays in the far left corner of our property. I had never been that far back before because usually summer is in full swing and its too thick to get back there, but not today. The swamp suprisingly is really low though, even though half our fucking property is soggy and wet so I was able to walk out into the middle of it without getting wet. While I was out there, I saw my baby duck Charlie and her male in there nest. I knew they were living back there, I just didnt know where. But now I know. She just kinda looked and me and quacked wondering if I came bearing food, which I wasnt. There were also two pairs of Geese in the water too who were not happy I was there so I didnt stay long. Geese are fucking mean.

Being the loving mother I am, I took my other two pet ducks, Peanut and Mister who live with me year round because their acutal pets, to the back of the property because there was a HUGE pond/puddle back there and I let them go swim and play in the mud. While they were busy in the mud, I decided to go search our "Hole" for some railroad ties or boards for my garden. For those of you that dont knwo what our "Hol" is, its a big GIANT hole or drop off at the very back of the property where we throw everything from cut down brush to old junk to god knows what else in. Since the grass hasnt started growing yet, it was easy for me to pick my way carfully down there to get some big, long boards I spotted at the bottom. But being me, and staying true to form, I started picking my way down into the hole with my Crocs on and no socks (because I didnt want to get them wet). Well, wearing foam Crocs into a hole tha has so many rusty, sharp objects in it its stupid, is not a good idea. Within the first 5 minutes, I stepped directly onto a nail that went staright through my Croc like butter and into my foot. FUCKING OUCH!! There was blood everywhere, but I kept going. I ended up dragging out 6 huge boards, full of nails by the way, to use to box my garden in. I also lodged a big piece of wood into my thumb as well. I dragged 4 of the 6 board all the way across the field to my garden then quit. I was already fucking worn out from turning dirt, I dont think I could of drug the last two up even if I wanted too. I would of passed out.

SO now Im camped out on the couch, fucking sore EVERYWHERE and ready for bed Im so tired.

Tomorrow is going to be another beautiful. I think I'll go play in the dirt even though I probably wont be able to move.

"There ought to be a least one round state."- G.C

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ellen said...

Good GRIEF--do you need to get a tetnus (sp? Iz cant spell!) shot for that 'rusty nail thru your nosoxCrocs' deal? You don't want to get blood poisoning right here when Spring is springing!!
I was ellen edwards now am Bluebird49 at Ravelry. by the way, so don't freak and think a serial killer ran across your blog!!