Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Devil Wins Again...

Yea, Tony Schumacher won US Nationals again for the 8th time tieing Big Daddy Don Garlits for the most winningest Top fuel driver. I swear, drag racing was against me yesterday. Why does it hate me so? Why does it allow Satan Tony to win even though Allen Johnson is no longer his crew chief? Why oh why? At least Ashley Force won in Funny Car becoming the first female to EVER win a US National in history in Funny Car so that was awesome. What was even more awesome was her dad, John Force almost kicking Tony Pedregons ass for talking shit about John Force Racing, right after Ashley kicked his ass racing!! It was pretty intense and funny to watch. God I love drag racing!! US Nationals is, after all, the most important race of the entire year and a win there means more to drivers then winning over all championships.

But other then racing not much else is going on. My mouth finally stopped hurting from getting my teeth pulled, but I still have super annoying holes in my mouth that catch food and from what I hear, this lasts for a while, shit.

I was in the Flint Journal for Roller Derby in August. http://blog.mlive.com/higher-education/2009/08/the_flint_roller_derby_girls_a.html Im obviously the one in the pink with the green plaid helmet with my name captioned next to the picture. Its a horrific picture of me. NO ONE looks good bent over in pads and my face looks huge and swollon because it is, I had had my wisdom teeth pulled two weeks before and that was the first practice back that I could get my mouth guard in without tearing out my stitches out and the the swelling allowed me too. I was also in The Grand Blanc View last week http://viewnewspapers.net/moxie2/Scene/flint-city-derby-girls-ge.shtml The pictures too small to see but Im there and Im quoted at the very end. She put in exactly what I wanted her too. As being one of the heads of Promotions Committee for Flint City Derby Girls, its really important I get the word out about all the great things we do for our city and out community.

But now I need to sleep because I have derby practice tomorrow and Boys going to kick my ass during it because, of yea, he's our coach. Coach Nazi, and we love him for it!! But I need my sleep. It takes alot out of me and out first real Bout is this Sunday at Rollhaven at 6pm.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Someone Please cut my head off

I wish I could say that laying awake in the chair this morning watching the fish tank come alive with the rising of the sun was as magical and breath taking as last time, but something is seriously missing when your wishing someone would cut your head of and the only thing taking away you breath is pain. Shall I explain? I had my 3 wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. It wasnt such a wonderful night and itsnt turning into a glorious day. I layed awake in pain and nauseousness most of the night and it seems like everytime I did fall alseep, my alarm would go off to take more shitty pain pills that didnt work because for the first 12 hours I couldnt take good stuff cuz I had, had too much anesthesia. So finally after feeling sick to my stomach and in ALOT of pain, I ate a piece of bread with the add of water, took a big boy pill and fell asleep for a couple hours. Then my alarm went off for more pills and I couldnt sleep after that so I watched fish and started re-reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. OH, and did I mention I wasnt allowed to sleep up stairs which was why I was in the chair in the first place? Yea, had to keep my head elevated. Which turned out to be a good idea cuz I couldnt lay on the side of my face if you paid me. Thank god for my over stuffed velure airline pillow. Its the only thing that supports my neck and doesnt press into my ever so sore cheeks

And for the funny part. Boy was I HIGH off my ass yesterday, oh my good lord. I dont know WHAT they gave me but geez. I remember the nursing giving me Nitrious Oxicide and asking how I felt and in honestly I was getting a little paranoid and panicky from that feeling, but I told her if she was giving it too me because she thought I was going to freak out when they put the IV in I would be fine, Im not afraid of needles. She "Oh, okat, we'll just give you more oxygen then" and after that I felt better. Then the doctor came in, put my IV in and I remember NOTHING after that. The next thing I remember is waking up in the recovery chair talking to Boy about marriage (scary!!). And could of sworn he was laughing at me. But the car ride home made me a little nauseous and then Boy had to practically hold me up to get me in the house I was so high. And while him and his mom where trying to figure out where to put me, I just layed down on the stairs and closed my eyes. Apparently I couldnt be bothered. But I was soon moved to the couch with the aid of Boy and I was out. I woke up to a note on my knee's saying he was next door working on the car and call him if I needed him and my cell in my lap. When he finally got home I asked him how my face looked and he told me to close my mouth, that he already wasnt feeling good. I didnt get it. It wasnt until I got into the bathroom and looked at myself that I realize that he ment. All my teeth were cover in dry caked blood along with some wet, my gauze was soaked red with blood. It looks like someone beat the shit out of me with a bat, and felt just the same, only half my face literally was still frozen then. I pulled my gauze out, rinsed my mouth the best I would, wipped my teeth off the best I could too and packed myself back with gauze. I was still scared at 6 this morning when if you went directly to the middle of my lower lip, drew a line down to my chin, everything to the right of it was still numb. I was begining to think the doc. fucked up. But by 10am I could feel it so everything was ok. The swelling isnt as bad as I thought it was going to be and the pain could be 10 times worse, but it still sucks major ass all the same. Now Im just chillin, about to attempt to do some knitting and read HP Half Blood Prince. And for the faint of heart, you may want to skip the pictures. For those of you that know me I just HAD to take them. I had to sneak my camera while still high, while Boy was in the shower. Have fun!

Me showing off mai bloody grill AH, up close!
Bloody tongue with a clog I think. Blue Steal with a half dead face, but I tried!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Well You Know

Not too much happening round my parts. Boy and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary on Friday. He took me to Bennihana's, which to be completely honest, doesnt feel special anymore because we go there so much, but none the less, it was still a nice dinner out with him. I wanted to go roller skating too, but his neck was hurting really bad so we didnt go. Oh well, he made up for it later :winkwink:

Think I threw my back out this weekend. My lower back is killing me. I thought it was hurting because maybe I was going to start my period, but its been three days and no period, but still a killing back. I spent all day yesterday laying on the floor in the fish room on a heating pad with my feet up on my knitting chair watching the fish tank. The tank actuallyt looks cool as hell upside down, the water is mezmorizing from that angle. And the fish kept staring at me like, what the fuck are you doing down there, and feed us. Eventually after 3 hours they lost intrest in me and did there own thing. I didnt sleep well because it was hurting so bad, and Ive come close to ODing on Advil yesterday and today (but not really), and Im chillin' with the heating pad right now, and it still hurts. I just dont know WHAT I did. And yes it hurt before I got my freak on with Boy friday night, so that wasnt what did it.

KNitting wise, Im still plugging along for my Master Knitting. Cathy has told me that on Wednesdays she wants me knitting my master knitting stuff from 2-4p to set a good example. I told her if she was going to twist my arm about sitting there and knitting while getting paid, I guess I have no choice. My job is just so tough I tell yea. I also turned the heels and picked up the gussets for my 2 socks on DPN's last night. Suprisingly, it was actually really easy. I like my students are going to be totally okay with doing it. Its not that confusing at all. Im doing the gusset decresses right now. They should be done by next week. Im also casted on a felted tote using the Lizard Ridge blanket pattern from Knitty. Its gonna look so bad ass when Im done. Im also doing a class on that too.

All and all, things are good I would say. except for this shit ass back crap which is for the god damn birds.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Woolgirl Sockclub 2009!!!

Got my first package of the year today for Woolgirls sock club and let me tell you am I excited as all get out!!! Jen has totally done it again. Alot of people didnt sign up again this year because the price was raised, but I trusted Jen when she said it would be worth it and I paid up, and let me tell you, IT WAS WORTH IT!!! The first shipment contained cashmere sock yarn!!! Oh my fucking god, totally worth it right there!!! Also came with a kickass pen (which will now be my planner/check pen), some yummy lilac lotion Ive already used and love, some chocolate Im going to give Boy because, well, I dont like chocolate, a great Latern Moon sock bag, a cute card and calendar magnet. She also put in our fun contest questions which I hurried up and answered and submited because if I win I get $50 worth of Woolgirl goodness. I cant pass that up!!! Jen is also doing another sock club, The Wizard of Oz sock club....and your goddamn right Im doing it!! How could I not?!?!? Its one for my favorite movies, I wouldnt miss it for the world. With this one you can pick and choose which months you want to do, but not me, Im doing the whole thing. I dont want to miss a single month. :GEEEEE: So excited!!

On a shitty note, I finally figured out what I was allergic to on my face. Its my fucking makeup remover. My eyelids and around my eyes were itching so bad yesterday and it got worse after I washe dmy makeup (which is somethign I do everyday as soon as I get home) so finally I couldnt deal with the itching so I put Caladryl on my eyelids and around them and went to bed. When I woke up this morning I could bearely opne my left eye. I knew it was going to be ugly, I didnt want to sit up and look in the mirror. But I did, and I looked like Sloth from the Goonies. It was horrible. My lids, especially my left one, was all swollen and looked fluid filled. They were so big they were hanging over my eyelashes and making it hard to open my left eye. So needles to say no makeup today. I wore a hat and ate allergy pills all day to help with the swelling. And Im going to be getting new makeup remover. Its new and its Neutragena, and the next person that tells me "Oh, its hypoallergenic, that cant be it" I'll seriously punch in the face. Its apparently not fucking hypoallergentic for me, just look at my goddamn face you tawt! GAH!

Boy drove me down to Heritage Spinning in Lake Orion this evening which was really nice. We pulled the new Corvette out for the first time this year from its hibernating spot in the heated garage (stupid spoiled fucking car). I needed a certain yarn for my masters knitting that they carried and I called him and asked if he wanted to go with me since we have been fighting lately because I havent been home and we havent spent anytime together (but we made up last night finally...SEX!!!!). It was a nice drive down and he was a real trooper in the yarn shop. He just stands there real quite and follows me around. I ended up getting two hanks of this Shepards wool in a cream/white. Its a local Michigan yarn and its so devinely soft and wonderful and just a pleasure to knit with. But beyond that I needed it because its nice and lofty and hides little mistakes well in my swatches and thats what I needed. I also got some handspun, hand dyed sock yarn from Heritage themselfs, and a really cool shawl pattern.

Now Im designing a hat pattern for a lady at the store. She came in with a newspaper and said she wanted a pattern of the hat some chick in the paper was wearing. I said we didnt have anything like that but it was an easy pattern and she should be able to figure it out easily. She said she was a new knitter and couldnt do that. I told her, give me 10 minutes and I could have a pattern written up for it and a couple days to have it knitted up. She was dumbfounded. I guess I just have a knack. So its my first design and were going to sell it at the store. I personally hate the hat and would never wear it, as funny as that is, but people love shit like this. I'll post pictures when Im done. The first wont look wonderful because Im double stranding some acrylic just to get the pattern details down on paper, but then I'll do it up nicely.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Swatch You!!

OMG, these master knitter swatches are killing me! I ripped my first swatch out 8 fucking times!! The knitting nazi's of the TKGA are going to be the death of me, I swear to god. I did finally finish a swatch though and Im halfway through another. I think alot of my wonkiness will be blocked out thank god. And if it isnt, then I guess my ass is re-knitting it. Progress I say!!

On other fronts, my goodies from Esty are slowly trickling in :giddygiggles: I got in a vintage green knit sweater today, and a skirt and funny t-shirt. I also got in this kick ass hat, and custom KPO needle holder. I'll have to take some pictures and show you guys. And all my vintage charms for my charm bracelet are slowly coming in too. And Im about to get some really cute knit sweaters for super dumb cheap tonight too. You cant beat the prices and I wear the crap out of my sweaters so its totally worth it too me.

Okay, Im going to go watch House and knit on some socks because if I have to look at MK swatches anymore today, I'll throw up and punch someone.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hey Yoda, This Master Knitta's Comin' Ovah!

Well, today is the first day I partake on my journey into Master Knitting and truely becoming the knitting Yoda. Cathy ordered the Level 1 Hand Knitting from TKGA for me and I got the email today. I printed everything out read through it and jesus christ, these people are fucking nazi's about knitting. They take all the fun out of knitting, I swaer to god. The ar einstructing me done to the size box I mail my binder to them is. And every swatch has to be perfect and if they so much as dont like my yarn color, they can send me back my entire level 1 binder and make me start all over again. WHat the FUCK have I gotten myself into? Thankfully there is no time line on how long you have to complete the program. But there kind of is for me. I have a year to complete all 3 levels or I'll have to pay Cathy back for it, which isnt bad because the programes only $300 total I believe, but I would really prefer not to have to pay her back. And if I do complete the entire program and become one of the elite few to be a Master Knitter I can get a raise at woork and charge more for classes :Yeehaaa!: So far Cathy, Julie, Carol, maye Carrie and I are all goig to do the Master Kntting program toegtehr. we are going to try to meet twice a month to keep each other motivated because level one is soooo boring.

But I thought I would chronical my journey through the Masters program here. So far Ive started swatch 1 which is a simple K1P1 rib for 2.5" then garder for 4". Im using a Ella Rae's Classic wool in Baby Blue-ish for all my stuff and size 7 Addi's. Hopefully nothing will come back to me. I will be PISSED if it does. Okay, going to bed, its almost 3am.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yummer Soapies!!

I just placed a wonderful order at http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5008693 , which is Naiad Soap Arts. And if you've never been there or ordered anything, you must go and check it out and order the wonderfulness that is Naiad's. Erin has the best stuff Ive ever seen and she makes them all herself, everything is all natural and almost everything is vegan people freindly (not that I care about vegans). My favorite chapstick comes from there, her SPF 15 Cocoa Butter Lip Balm which I first got from one of my Woolgirl Sock Club packages last summer and I took it to Norway with me and Ive been nursing it and loving it ever since. Its just awesome stuff. I was only going to order lip balm, but them Erin added a ton of new stuff to the site and sent out a Valentines day coupon (because she rocks!)So I ended up ordering:
4~SPF 15 Cocoa Butter Lip Balms
1~Cherry Peppermint Lip Balm
1~Half Bar Tuberose Moss Shea butter soap
1~Lemon Creme Body sugar cubes
1~Tea tree Oil Facial soap
1~Wasabi Shave soap
1~Moss shave soap
1~Custom lilac room spray

So much for just getting lip balm. But the Lemon Body sugars will exfoliate my face finally since its all dry and using a pumice stone on your face is really a bad idea, trust me, I know. And the Tea Tree Oil soap will be great to help wash makeup off my face without clogging pours and making it nasty, the Tuberose will simply make me smell devine and the shave soaps all have special clay stuff in them to help smooth my skin and lather up for a wonderful shaving expirence. And the custom Lilac spray, she making it just for me because I asked, how fucking cool is that? I told you she rocks! Im gonna use it for the car and maybe for me. I decided to spoil myself. And the best part? All those hand made, all natural goodies I got fort under $50!! You cant beat that dude, Im tell you. Check the site out. You wont be sorry. I promise.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Boat Show and Toxic Gas

Boy is trying to kill me right now with some toxic ass farts, I kid you not. He is sound asleep, but every couple minutes toxicness comes waffing my way. I want to cough, but I cant because I dont want to wake his dumb ass up, but damn. Im dying over here!

Anyway, we went to the boat show today down at Cobo. All and all it was a shitty boat show, thank god we got free tickets because I wouldnt of paid to get into there. But on the plus side I did get some cool stuff. Boy got me a 2006 Shaun Murray 133 wakeboard that was origanally $500 for $75 cash (hell fucking yes!!!) for our anniversery next month. You cant beat that deal with a stick. I finally have my own board, and its one of the very best at that too. Then I also got myself a wakebaord bag so I can lug my board, gloves, lifejacket, suits, ropes, etc. around with me in one nice neat bag that was originally like $120 and I got them down to $75 also which was nice. I also got myself a new pair of wakeboarding gloves that actually fit me so I dont destroy my hands and get HUGE blisters. And it just so happens that while I was there, Shaun Murray, whose board Boy had just bought me, was there and was hanging out at the Silver Spray booth which is that place where we bought our Nautique at and where our slip is at (Silver Lake). So I sat down and chatted with him and told him how I loved his Detention 2012 movie and that his yellow helmet from the movie was the inspiration behind Danger Jessica. I explained the whole story of Danger Jessica and he thought it was an awesome story and asked if I had posted any clips on Youtube yet and I said no, just pictures for now. He gave me his email addy and said I should do some clips and email him the links. Then he asked if he could sign my board "To Danger Jessica" and I said totally, that would be killer. So he did. Its fucking awesome. Shaun Murray was way cool and really down to earth and not a total dick face like alot of the other pro guys. He was just your regular guy. And he sat down and pointed out all the cool shit on the bottom of my board he drew and what it ment and that was cool. I told him how much I paid for the board and he gave me a high five and said that was killer getting it for that cheap. I though he might be mad or something, but he was happy that I saved money.

Over all it was a kick ass day. Hung out with a dope pro wakeboader who signed my board, and got a bunch of new shit just for me for the new wake season. I cant wait to get on the lake now....with my yellow helmet...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Im Back...for now...

Yea, yea, yea, its been awhile. I dont want to hear it. I have other more important things you could yell at me about, trust me.

Anyway, today is the first day of the season for drag racing!! How fucking exciting. Hooray for Pomona!! Although its appears that almost no one has sponsors this season. Especially my favorite racer, Melanie Troxel, who is a Funny Car driver. And since the devil, Tony Schumacher, lost his secret weapon Alan Johnson because AJ got his own team this year, HE IS GOING DOWN!! Your evil rein of terror is over you bastard!! HA!! We finally have something to watch on sunday nights too. TV has become so painful its not even worth watching anymore. Except for channel 111 on my TV, which is ID, Investigative Discovery. Im so addicted to it, its like my crack. Its all murder shows and serial killer profiles. Im loving it. Its so my thing, my cup of tea. Those are my favorite kinds of shows.

In other news, Im still working and teaching at the yarn shop and Im still loving it. I love going to my job everyday. Im so lucky to have a job that I love going to. I mean, how much better does it get then to get up everyday, go to an awesome job, and get paid to do something and teaching something I love? I'll tell you. It doesnt get much better then that. If you hate your job then it sucks to be you. Dont hate be because you have a shitty job. You should worry less about hating me and just be thankful you still have a damn job in the first place okay you dumahopper!

Then in some sad news, my really good friend Julie, or better said my best friend up here in the GB, found out she has stage 4 non-hodgkins lymphoma. Her 4th treatment of her first series of chemo is coming up this friday. She only has 2 more after this for this series and hopefully this takes care of it for the next 5-8 years, or so we can hope since lymphoma isnt curable and its already in her marrow. It was reallyt hard to take at first. I finally found someone that I get close with and get along with up here and she has to go and start dieing on me, WTF!! And its also not just that. Its the fact that she has three kids, her youngest being 7, a great husband who loves her and that she is a great person and she does everything right. So tell me why someone like that has to get this stupid illness, when there are so many other pieces of shit out there that seriously dont even derserve to breath, like my biological dad, who get to keep on living being healthy. Thats total bullshit. But I make the best of it. I dont show how bad it really hurts and sucks because she doesnt need it. Trust me, she is living it first hand, she knows how bad it hurts and sucks. And when the day comes when she finally says "Enough", Im not going to blame her. Are you? No, Im going to be by her side, holding her hand telling her she was braver then anyone should ever have to be, and that its okay to go and finally be out of pain. Thats what a true friend does. Then Im going to steal her yarn ;) What! She told I could so fuck off, dont judge me!