Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hey, Im finally in Norway

It was a long flight of no sleep, of course. Im insanly tired, but I cant sleep till tonight. I feel abit sick from not being able to take my Xanax, but I’ll live. I dont think anyone will be on, other then Angelia, right now at 5:30am (its 11am here). The flight over was pretty good. I sat next to a really nice brit/scotish business man and we chatted. He said he liked that I had “British humor” that so many americans take as being snarky and dont understand. I told him I love british humor because Im “different”. He agreed. And amazingly, he knew the city I lived in because he had lived in the next city over, it was crazy. We were giggling about the lady in front of us that kept passing gas :puke: I got to sneak up to first class and see Shaun a couple of times. The only impressive thing about first class was that their chairs were little pods with foot rests. Totally not worth $4000 though. I didnt get much knitting done on the plane despite all my efforts to get the right neeldes because there just wasnt enought room to knit comfortably in my tiny coach seat. So I read most of the time or chatted with the Brit. The only major problem I had was right before we were boarding the plane in Detroit I was fixing my hair while I was going pee and my hair tie snapped!! Talk about some bullshit. And being as smooth as I am, I didnt pack an extra (which is rare) in my carry on :fuck: The guy at the ticket desk gave me a bagage tag strap which was this tiney, tiny little elastic thing that didnt even hold my think hair back. Finally after about and hour, the people came through with the duty free cart and I asked if they had a rubberband. She said they didnt, but they did have a hair tie :fucking score: Granted it was one of those super thin ones, but it was a hair tie non the less.

When we landed in Amsterdam, we were late because the stupid plane taxied for like a fucking half hour, so we were rushing to find our gate and then BAM! Customs :grrr..: so we waiting in this impossibly long line and we were going to miss our connection to Oslo. So we ran ( I hobbled sort of) across the airpost and made it on the plane just in time. That plane was sooo janky. There were pieces of it bouncing around on the inside!!! I couldnt believe it. I really hope it wasnt as fucked up on the outside as it was on the inside :shiver: I dont even wanna think about that. Once we got into Oslo, we bought a $5 Pepsi (no joke) and a train ticket to Oslo’s main station. Ive only been on trains a couple times in my life. I live in the friggin’ Motor City, public transpertation doesnt exsist. It was a fun ride though. It was one of those bullet shaped trains that go really fast in and out of the surrounding moutains. From what I saw from the train, it was beautiful. There were these amazing rolling hills and cute little farm houses and cities built into the sides of the moutains and all the old buildings. It was sooo cool. The best way I can describe it is a mix of Graz and Pennsylvania. Strange, I know. I cant wait till tomorrow when I can go exploring on my own and find some yarn shops and look around.

Right now Im sitting in the garage where Shaun is working because he had to go straight to work from the train and we cant check into the hotel yet. SO he set me up in the middle of the groups little conference table in the garage on the internet and told me not to fall alseep. They have this awesome, giant wooden hanger building that has thousands of tires in it. I guess the shops main business is tires. There are sooo many Mercedes over here. Everyone drives one because there so cheap. There was also some expensive Ferrari here that everyone was going on about. Honestly, it was ugly.

My knees are absolutly killing me right now. Suprisingly, my right knee is hurt way more then my left knee, which is the one I had surgery on. My hips are killing me too. Having a bum knee throws off the rest of your body and sitting on a plane for 9 hours doesnt help either. I feel like Im 90 years old. I can bearly walk. And my back hurts. All to be expected.

SO right now Im just sitting here, in the middle of a garage with people working on cars trying my hardest NOT to fall asleep. This would be the reason Im rambling. Sorry.

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