Monday, April 21, 2008


Im trying to get motivated to finish packing for Norway, but I cant. I just want to keep sitting on the porch under the blanket enjoying this beautiful day. It feels good to be outside for once. Im working on my laundry right now, so I guess thats something. Im de-funking my new suitcase that the dad gave me with my awesome lilac scented dryer sheets. Its twice the size of my old suit case. Im also bringing another suit case to hold all the goodies I bring back from Norway :GLEE: Im really not looking forward to this plane ride. I HATE planes. And worse, Boy wont even be sitting with me, he'll be in first class because Chrysler bought his ticket. Im in coach because the moms NWA points bought my ticket which means I didnt pay anything so I shouldnt be too grumbly about it, but Im still gonna grumble some. I really want to knit on the plane, but I keep getting conflicting answers on whether I can bring my metal needles in the plane. I know I can bring wood, but I dont have any wood and Ive taken metal needles on a plane before. So I have no idea what to do. Im also bring all my needles in my suitcase and I super freaked out. Im so afraid their going to loose my suit case which will be holding all my needles. I will die if I loose them. For real.

Well my yarn shipments got all fucked up. Artyarns, Interlacments, and Checkers are refusing accounts with me because Im an on-line vendor. My rep waiting two weeks to tell me this. This information would have been really fucking usfull like, TWO fucking weeks ago. Im so pissed off. Is'nt this her job to be on track and keep this shit sorted out? So I had to scramble and make a quick order with my other rep. and the shipments should arrive while Im gone. Frog Tree and Kraemer shipped their yarns out to me as soon as they could, thank God. Im still waiting for my order from Schaefer to go through, which I doubled because of the canceled orders, and hopefully it should also get here before I get back. I need to call them today to make sure they have all the info they need because once Im gone, I wont be able to call anyone till I get back.

My knee is hurting pretty bad today and Im not sure why. I know its aching because its going to rain, but I have this bad pinching, stretching feeling in it too along with the aching. Its driving me crazy. I really dont want to take any pain meds because they make me not be able to pee (which is the most annoying thing) and poop (which I can deal with).

Alright, I must be off like a prom dress to get back to my packing and making sure all is taken care of before I leave. Oh shit, and I also have to get the details of Maretes Bachlorette party in order before June 14th too. Crap. I can do it.

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Anonymous said...

You are going to be fine on the plane. You are going to have a great time on your trip. PARTY PARTY PARTY!!! June 14th!!