Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Playing Catch Up Here

Piktoors!! The first one is of Boy and I in Sweden. The rest just around Oslo. I'll post the pictures I took today later on.

Ive been so busy I havent had time to update here, so this is little clips from my knitting blog of the last few days. Some of it is a little random because there were pictures in all these posts. I post some here, but its not all of them.

Saturday April 26

ok, I is back now. I had to help Boy check the engines on his cars. I got to work the computer and “special software” thats secret and make sure the engines were okay. I felt special.
Anyway, where was I. Yes, last nights dinner was awesome. The steak was amazingly good. It was nice to have a real meal. Then we went out to a couple bars. I forgot my license at the hotel and got carded so I had to walk all the way back to the hotel to get it. Then we went to another bar that had Absenthe, or what we thought was real absenthe, but it turns out it was the real stuff. It was very disappointing. i wasnt drinking it, but another guy was an we were looking forward to watching him be all goofy and shit. Then on the way back, the hookers totally ignored us!!! WTF!! Were we not good enough for them. Whores! Then we went back up stairs and went to bed because we were wasted, well I was tired, Boy was slightly drunk. Its soooo funny to see him drink because he never drinks. Ive only ever seen him drink in Europe. Im always amazed to watch him do it. And he gets all giggley when he’s drunk, its so fucking cute. And he always wants ice cream too. I believe tonight were going back out again. But to were, I do not know.
Everything closes really early here, like at 5 or 6, it kinda sucks. Boy and I walked around yesterday when he got home and we really couldnt go into anything because everything was all closed. But we did take a walk down the the pier of the fjord and on the docks and it was really pretty. Some of the boats were old wooden boats and it was cool to see them. Then we went to 7-11, which didnt have slurpie’s, which is the epitome of 7-11. Well, I guess were off again to some where. I’ll detail the rest later.
MIss you guys!!

Monday April 28th

I went to Sweden yesterday. It looked just like Norway! Boy also bought me this Haaayoooogge leather purse while we were there (hey, I needed a momento from Sweden :shifty:). Im gonna use it, of course, as mai purse/knitting bag. I also finally took some pictures yesterday in Sweden so I’ll post them later in the afternoon. MISS YOU GUYS!!!

Me and one of the other engineers daughters, Peggah, were buddies in crime today. We had so much fun just being goofy and shopping and taking pictures of funny things.
And best of all…I bought out this hobby shop of all their roving today!! It’s the same as Malabrigo. I bought 22 bags and the lady gave me 10% after some haggling, so it cost me over 1020 krons, $202 american. But it was sooooo worth it, its sooooo soft. Now i just need to find someone to spin it…..

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