Friday, July 30, 2010

Hot fun in the Summer Time

Ah, what an awesome summer its been so far...well for the most part. Other then my intestines feeling like their going to explode, its been a great summer. We've been on the lake wakeboarding as mush as possible and thats been super fun. I got new bindings for my board this summer, some Ronix Relik's and Im in love with them. Ive been using Shauns Murray board and I love it. Its so light!! Its like there is nothing attached to my feet.

And since my intestines hate me so much. I havent been able to skate for about a month :(  Its taking everything I have to get out of bed and go to work. Doctors still dont know whats wrong but Ive been in for a CAT Scan (dont have results yet) and ultrasounds, but nothing thus far. As twisted as it sounds, Im really hoping its acutally something instead of nothing, because its its nothing, it means I have one of the most severe case's of IBS my doctors ever seen. If its something, they can fix it.