Friday, April 25, 2008

First day in the city

So I got totally lost today on my first trip out. Suprise suprise. Had no idea where I was or where the hotel was. So I just went with it until and wondered around until I found the hotel which is just a block from the yarn shop and the hobby store. I also woke up a tad late today, like 2pm late :yikes: I guess I was really tired. I have to make sure I dont do that again. That was WAY to long to sleep. 15 hours of sleep is a bit much. I dont want to throw my body in a shock anymore then it already is with the fucked up time.

Well my yarn store vist today was a bust. Im really disappointed They didnt have the kinds of yarn I thought they would of had. No hand dyes or hand spun, nothing really cool :verysad: They mostly have Rowan and Regina. But they had some Noweigan brands that were really cool and I wrote down the name of the companies and Im going to look them up and see if I can get accounts with them. I also stoppped by this hobby shop and in the back they had these bags of roving that were Merino wool in a shit load of colors and it was just like and as soft as Malabrigo!!! Im totally going to buy all of them and bring it back. Im sure someone can spin it for me.

I was also looking for stuff that I could buy and bring back for everyone, but everything is sooooooo expensive over here, its stupid. And yes Marete, its expensive after you convert it into american (wink). Ive taken to carrying my calculator around with me so I can figure out how much shit is after you convert it. I found some beautiful hand blown glass beads and I was thinking of getting some strands of them and making special stitch markers for all you guys but the only problem is, its $65 for 26 of the beads :ggrrrr: But their this cream,blue and gold mix in the shape of hearts and their perfect to make stitch markers for you guys. I also found the perfect gift for you Angelia. Im going to go back and buy it tomorrow. Tia and Marete, Im still looking for you guys. I havent found anything that screams your names yet. Same for you KK and Lisa (both of you). I have these sweet shoes on hold for me right now at one of the stores. Their made by Merrell and its a boiled felted wool slipper/clog with a back to it with a rubber sole so you can wear them out side. They are soooo comfortable and cute. There 699 krons, which is $140 bucks. Im in negotiations with Boy right now for them. There just so cool. They might sound lame to some of you but I love clogs like that and and Im excited that they have a real rubber sole so you can wear them everywhere. Ive been looking more for stuff for you guys then myself.

Dinner was intresting last night. We had this cold smoked salmon roll with Brea cheese in it. I was gross. Then we had hand made tortalini stuffed with cheese and spinach with a piece of the most tender and juiciest chicken brest atop of it and it was to die for it tasted so good. For desert we had chocolate moose and I dont like chocolate, but it was delicious!! I guess Chrysler has a deal with the hotel and we get breakfast and dinner free. Every night they cook the same thing for everyone in the group. A 3 course meal. You can eat it for free, or go pay a million dollars for something else.

And the city is beautiful!!! The buildings are are amazing. I cant wait to take pictures for everyone to see. Its awesome. And the fjords are beauitful as well. Everyone over here has a dog and their allowed everyhwere the people go. Im jealous. I want a puppah!! Everyone also smokes too. And the people dress a bit strange, but who am I to judge. They all wear Chuck Taylors (converse) which is cool because I love them and was wearing them too. But they cost 700 Krons. $140 dollars!!!!! For Chucks!!! I was horrified. They only cost $30 bucks at home. And people pay that much for them. Its dumb.

But its almost dinner time, steak and potatos tonight, so I’ll talk with yea bitches later.

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