Friday, April 4, 2008

Meet Bella

Well, I got a new fish last night. Her name is Bella and she is a Half Moon Betta. She is sooo cool looking. When i saw her I just couldnt resist. So I set her up in a super pimped out 2 gal. tank with some real plants that float on the top and add oxygen and something to nibble on and some fake ones inside for her to hide in. She totally loves it. And she's fiesty. She likes to attack her food :giggle:

I also got to watering the "garden" in the basement. I still have yet to see any sprouts, but its only been a couple days. Im thinking by the end of the weekend I'll see something. I am just way too excited about starting my garden out side.

Going to put through my second big order for MCK (Motor city knits). Things are finally all starightend around at the bank so its go time. Hooray for fucking yarn!!!!


SwankyKnitter said...

I know you're the exotic pet expert, but I'm pretty sure that is a boy betta. :shrug:

To Strung Up To Sleep said...

Thank you captain! Yes I am aware that Bella is a "he" but I didnt like any boy names so now "he" is a "she".