Monday, April 7, 2008

Knit 2 Soxs at Once?

Im watching Top Gear on BBC right now (only the funniest show ever, its on monday nights at 7pm I believe) and Im laughing so hard Im going to seriously pee my pants. I love this show so much. I wish it were on everyday. Oh god, I was just laughing to hard that there is spit on the computer screen and Im crying. Ah, check the show out.

Well, it feels like since I started this Motor City Knits business I've bearly knit at all, which is true. It feels like I havent knit in ages. So tonight, Im trying knitting two socks on two circs. Im rather excited to try it. If it goes well, it should prove to be a fast way to get over SSS. But I still love my DPN's, even though they are after me and plotting to kill me. Im serious. They really are trying to kill me. One has already succeded in impaling itself straight through my palm. This is no laughing matter. Its scary.

Last night I decided it would be a good idea to take sleeping pills and go play on . It appears that when the sleeping pills actually kick it, my spelling vyris goes into overdrive and I make no sense what so ever. Everyone enjoyed it though, so thats all that counts really. The only scary part was, I dont remember typing anything that I did on there last night. I remember being on the computer and that I kept nodding off, but I dont remember writing anything. The other sad part is, my insomnia is so bad, that even after 4 tylenol PM's, a xanax and a flexeril, I still only slept 4 hours and was wide awake at 5am, ggrrrr.....

And my "garden" is doing quite well. I have a whole shit load of sprouts in my broccoli, all my beans have sprouted, my cucumbers and pickles have sprouted and my basil and dill are poking through. I still havent seen anything with my watermelon, cantalope, okra and catnip. Maybe later in the week. I also picked up 10 bags of top soil for my garden at the Depot this evening.

Boy also took me for ice cream this evening as well. It was such a beautiful evening that we busted out the new corvette ( lame I know, we should of taken the 59' vet, but the top of the engine is currently torn apart) and went to get some ice cream from Boys best friends parents ice cream store. It was delicious! It almost felt like summer...until we walked out to go home and it was freezing cold. But it felt good to be back in the Vet again. We bought the poor thing last summer and its just sat in the garage all winter being alone with a battery charger. It has to be hooked up to a charger during the winter because the new corvettes are all electronic and if the battery dies, you can get it in, or out for that matter, of the stupid thing, and you certainly cant start it since it doesnt have a key start. Its a push start. They only way you can possibly get in is the hidden key in the key fob that you use on a hidden door lock under the hadle of the back hatch and climb through the entire car and pop the hood. Its all rather dumb and too much work. I'll stick with my Peon Neon, Boy can keep his high maitance vet.

Ok, enough messing around, I must knit!!! Im off like a prom dress!

"If you love someone, set them free; if they come back, set them on fire..." ~G.C

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