Sunday, April 6, 2008


Okay, I cant move today. I woke up with an awful migrain this morning. I took some medicine and took a three hour nap on the couch with a black shirt tied around my head to keep the light out. When I woke up I went down stairs, moved the "garden" to one side of the basement to get it out of the way, did a water change on my frag tank and took apart both of the skimmers and took them outside to wash them out and clean them up. I was not aware that the next door neighbor was having an Open House to sell his house so I walked out of the front door to clean the skimmers and take the garbage out wearing a wife beater with no bra, and yellow, terry cloth boycut shorts. Not such a great idea.

I did however get my office in order today, which was a reliefe. I also got my filing system organized as well. I just have a few more things to do to finish my office up and I should be good. I need to get a few organizers to hold my return lables and business cards, and move my scanner/fax machine from Boys office into mine. I also might need to buy a printer even though we have a fucking million of them because my computer is gay and doesnt have a normal printer drive, it only has a USB drive to connect to a printer.

Oh yea, I got my busniess cards and matching return address lables in on friday :SQEEEE!!!: They look so fucking cool. I really hope I'll be able to track down the image and buy it for my logo for the sight.

I will also be getting some of Angelia's beautiful hand dyed sockie yarnz, which I suggest everyone check out and buy, or even better yet, join her sock club, because you'll just love it!!! Its worth every penny!


ellen said...

Soo..have you gotten lockjaw yet from the nail?? )If you like, I could be your CYBER Faux-serial killer--fun thoughts without the blood!

Lia said...

Hugs Jess!

Glad you're doing all that organizing. You'll appreciate it later when your business starts going; you'll be able to find things!

Thankee, sweets, for the shout out! Lurv ya!