Friday, June 27, 2008

My Lady Sweater

Oh my, its been awhile since I've written, Im sorry. Im partaking in one of my guilty pleasures right now ( and no, not that pleasure you sicko). Im watching A Haunting on Discovery. I love that show. I like scaring myself, its fun. It also gives me the much needed adrenaline rush I crave. The other night I was watching it at 1am and I ended up scaring myself. I was freaked out and I didnt want to leave the couch to go up stairs. Im such a dork.

Anyway, I started the February Lady Sweater. Its an awesome pattern, I love it. I really want to make another one after I finish this one in cotten, in wool for the winter.
I also got my Nameste bags from Ewe-To You Yarns in Grand Blanc. I love them. I got the Malibu, the Laguna and the Newport. They are a bit stinky from the pleather, so I have them stuffed with dryer sheets to help defunk them. I really hope it works. They stink.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What the hell?

So I got this email last night from my mom. I have no idea what made this come about (other then watching Hope Floats). I have no idea what to think about it. I, for once, am speechless.

"I wish I could go back home and find what I was looking for or lost. I amsorry for what I put you thru looking for..... Looking for myself. I messedup a lot and I just tried to get the money to get us what your daddy neverhelped with. I just wanted the best for you. I hope you understand. I am soPROUD of you yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I gave you what I could, eventhough it wasn't always the best. But, you turned out to be the best personthat ever happened to me. The BEST person I ever knew. I am so glad I wasstrict with you, even though you hated me. I just always wanted the bestfor you. I will always be THANKFUL for having you. I guess this moviebrings out some sappy things in me. Thanks for remembering watching thismovie with me. I love Sandra Bullock in this. Reminds me of the way I wasso many years ago. Only I was a loser. My life never ended like hers. Howsilly I am. It's a movie. But movies sometimes relate to life. My Mom wasnever like hers though. Maybe that's why I'm sad. I don't know. Just loveme for how I tried. Ok! I Love you so much and am so proud of you! I wish Ihad done as much as you at your age. It was reallly sad when she went tosee her daddy and he didn't know her, but remembered her from a picture. Imiss my Daddy after that part.Ok, enough mushy stuff from me. We'll talk before I leave.

I Love Jessica.
Love Mom
Have a great day.

What do you guys think? Im not sure if she was drunk or what.