Monday, April 14, 2008

Im a mommy again!

Yup. Im a mom again. I was standing at the refridgerator last night and glanced at the fish tank. I saw that my female Bangaii Cardinal was chasing Steve, my Anthia. This triggered suspision because she doesnt normally do that. I walked over and stared at the male Cardinal and sure enough he had little tails sticking out of his mouth. His mouth was full of babies!!! He was ready to spit them out that night because they were so big so I had little time to act and go into Operation Get Male Cardinal Down Stairs to the Brood Tank. (side note: for those of you that dont know, which is probably everyone, Male Bangaii Cardinals hold the eggs and the babies in their mouth for safe keeping until they are big enough to "fend" for themselves, at which point he spits them out, usually into our long spine urchin which makes them impossible to get, which is the point, but then they end up getting eaten by something over the next couple days). I shut off all the lights because the fish become retarded or something when the lights are off and WAY easier to catch. I caught him, ran down the stairs and in the process he spit out 4 babies in the net, put him in the brood tank, made sure he was okay, shut off all the lights to keep the stress as low as possible and went to bed. This morning I went down there and we had 7 babies just floating around doing their own thing, one was dead, and I figure okay, he's done spitting them out. I catch him again, and take him upstairs to put him back int he tank while its dark to minimize stress. As soon as I put his punk ass in the big tank again (big tank as in 400 gal.) he opens his mouth and I see like, 5 more babies in there!! GAH!!! So I had to fish his dumb ass back out, and in the process fight with the urchin because thats where he was hiding and I get him back in the brood tank. I hurried up and feed the babies that were out really quick, then covered the tank with a towel to make it dark, shut off all the other fish lights down stairs for now, and went back up stairs. Now its a waiting game. I have to wait for him to stop being an ass and spit the rest out so I can put him back up stairs where he belongs. I really hope I can get them to live, I could use the extra money. I'll take pictures after everyone is out and doing fine.

In other news, I had an interview with the Grand Blanc Police Department on Saturday morning for dispatch. It was a listening and comprehension test. I found out about the position from an insider, I didnt realize it had been posted in the news paper. So when I showed up at 8am, I was not expecting 30 people to be there!! And there were two other testing times that day. Ugh! They said they'll send me a letter in two weeks if Im choosen and to make an appointment for my oral interview. I really hope I get this job. I've my god damn Law Enforecment degree for a year now, and I havent done shit with it. And since I fucked my knee up, I have a full year before I can do anything related to officer work. Its annoying. Im way qualified for this job.

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