Saturday, July 18, 2009

Someone Please cut my head off

I wish I could say that laying awake in the chair this morning watching the fish tank come alive with the rising of the sun was as magical and breath taking as last time, but something is seriously missing when your wishing someone would cut your head of and the only thing taking away you breath is pain. Shall I explain? I had my 3 wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. It wasnt such a wonderful night and itsnt turning into a glorious day. I layed awake in pain and nauseousness most of the night and it seems like everytime I did fall alseep, my alarm would go off to take more shitty pain pills that didnt work because for the first 12 hours I couldnt take good stuff cuz I had, had too much anesthesia. So finally after feeling sick to my stomach and in ALOT of pain, I ate a piece of bread with the add of water, took a big boy pill and fell asleep for a couple hours. Then my alarm went off for more pills and I couldnt sleep after that so I watched fish and started re-reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. OH, and did I mention I wasnt allowed to sleep up stairs which was why I was in the chair in the first place? Yea, had to keep my head elevated. Which turned out to be a good idea cuz I couldnt lay on the side of my face if you paid me. Thank god for my over stuffed velure airline pillow. Its the only thing that supports my neck and doesnt press into my ever so sore cheeks

And for the funny part. Boy was I HIGH off my ass yesterday, oh my good lord. I dont know WHAT they gave me but geez. I remember the nursing giving me Nitrious Oxicide and asking how I felt and in honestly I was getting a little paranoid and panicky from that feeling, but I told her if she was giving it too me because she thought I was going to freak out when they put the IV in I would be fine, Im not afraid of needles. She "Oh, okat, we'll just give you more oxygen then" and after that I felt better. Then the doctor came in, put my IV in and I remember NOTHING after that. The next thing I remember is waking up in the recovery chair talking to Boy about marriage (scary!!). And could of sworn he was laughing at me. But the car ride home made me a little nauseous and then Boy had to practically hold me up to get me in the house I was so high. And while him and his mom where trying to figure out where to put me, I just layed down on the stairs and closed my eyes. Apparently I couldnt be bothered. But I was soon moved to the couch with the aid of Boy and I was out. I woke up to a note on my knee's saying he was next door working on the car and call him if I needed him and my cell in my lap. When he finally got home I asked him how my face looked and he told me to close my mouth, that he already wasnt feeling good. I didnt get it. It wasnt until I got into the bathroom and looked at myself that I realize that he ment. All my teeth were cover in dry caked blood along with some wet, my gauze was soaked red with blood. It looks like someone beat the shit out of me with a bat, and felt just the same, only half my face literally was still frozen then. I pulled my gauze out, rinsed my mouth the best I would, wipped my teeth off the best I could too and packed myself back with gauze. I was still scared at 6 this morning when if you went directly to the middle of my lower lip, drew a line down to my chin, everything to the right of it was still numb. I was begining to think the doc. fucked up. But by 10am I could feel it so everything was ok. The swelling isnt as bad as I thought it was going to be and the pain could be 10 times worse, but it still sucks major ass all the same. Now Im just chillin, about to attempt to do some knitting and read HP Half Blood Prince. And for the faint of heart, you may want to skip the pictures. For those of you that know me I just HAD to take them. I had to sneak my camera while still high, while Boy was in the shower. Have fun!

Me showing off mai bloody grill AH, up close!
Bloody tongue with a clog I think. Blue Steal with a half dead face, but I tried!

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