Friday, February 20, 2009

Hey Yoda, This Master Knitta's Comin' Ovah!

Well, today is the first day I partake on my journey into Master Knitting and truely becoming the knitting Yoda. Cathy ordered the Level 1 Hand Knitting from TKGA for me and I got the email today. I printed everything out read through it and jesus christ, these people are fucking nazi's about knitting. They take all the fun out of knitting, I swaer to god. The ar einstructing me done to the size box I mail my binder to them is. And every swatch has to be perfect and if they so much as dont like my yarn color, they can send me back my entire level 1 binder and make me start all over again. WHat the FUCK have I gotten myself into? Thankfully there is no time line on how long you have to complete the program. But there kind of is for me. I have a year to complete all 3 levels or I'll have to pay Cathy back for it, which isnt bad because the programes only $300 total I believe, but I would really prefer not to have to pay her back. And if I do complete the entire program and become one of the elite few to be a Master Knitter I can get a raise at woork and charge more for classes :Yeehaaa!: So far Cathy, Julie, Carol, maye Carrie and I are all goig to do the Master Kntting program toegtehr. we are going to try to meet twice a month to keep each other motivated because level one is soooo boring.

But I thought I would chronical my journey through the Masters program here. So far Ive started swatch 1 which is a simple K1P1 rib for 2.5" then garder for 4". Im using a Ella Rae's Classic wool in Baby Blue-ish for all my stuff and size 7 Addi's. Hopefully nothing will come back to me. I will be PISSED if it does. Okay, going to bed, its almost 3am.

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