Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stupid Bellhousing

So Ive been out in the garage all day (like 7 hours and Im still here) because we put the clutch and bellhousing back in the race car only to find that the 3 month bulid time, $3000 custom built bellhousing, doesnt fit!!! I thought Boy was going to kill someone. It was grim there for a second. Then we took it off and looked at it and I suggested that he take out the steel plate that goes around the inside of the housing to stop the clutch from coming through it if it ever explodes (the actual bellhousing is Aluminum which isnt strong AT ALL and his leggies are right there). He took it out, figured out that he could trim like an inch of it off and it would fit back in perfect not catching the flywheel like it was before. So after like 3 hours of cutting and chucking it up in the Mill and all that jazz he finished it and it fits perfect. God he is so god damn hand with metal and tools its sexy. It still fucking sucks balls that we had to modify a $3000 fucking custom part, but such as life.

Now I guess the real trick is, is getting somone who actaully understood anything I just wrote. Sorry. I forgets not everyone has a race car.

Boy just painted mai tonails. He was being all cute and technical about it. I was giggling. I also just got some kick ass business card, return addy stickers and note pads for dirt ass cheap. I cant wait till they come!!

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