Thursday, March 27, 2008

Norway, websites...

Ok, I finally decided to let people see my website that Ive been working on. I dont know if Ive ever explained it here, but I own my own company. Motor City Knits is my baby. Its my on-line yarn shop. I dont have any inventory yet because Im not done tweaking the site and other little details yet. But Im sooooo close I could taste it. Other then my piss poor grammer in the site, everyone liked it. I tried to make it as easy as possible to navigate around in. Easy is good. But here is a look for you guys too.

On other annoying notes, Im trying to book a hotel in Oslo Norway for Boy and I. We are staying 3 extra days to go and have fun. But, I have no fucking idea what kind of money they use so I have no idea how much these stupid fucking rooms cost. Ah!
While Im there Im going to try to go to Sweden and Denmark. There so close I dont think I could not go while Im there. Im so excited to go I cant wait.

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