Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just another Sunday

Havent been to vist for awhile so I figured I would stop by and say :dragqueenvoice: Heeeyyy!! Right this minute, the neighbors cat Phobe (its a boy, how cruel) is staring at me through the back door window. That thing loves Boy and he (mostly me) feeds him kittah treats or ham. Friday night he ate seriously half a pound of ham. I was amazed. But he keeps staring at Boy right now cuz he wants to come inside. I feel bad, but not too bad because Im allergic. But he is a cool cat. And now he went around to the front door to see if he can get in that way. Silly Kittah.

Drag racing is on right now. Melanie didnt make it in and the devil incarnite Tony Shumaker is still in. Ahh, I hate him!! He is NOT gonna win the series this year even if I have to personally kill him with my bare hands. Which I could and would do.

Working on a pair of socks with Kraemers Saucon Sock yarn. Its animal fiber free for my non animal fiber wearing friends. Its a 44% cotton, 43% Acrylic, 13% nylon yarn and thus far is working up quite nice. It isnt all nasty like most cotten yarns and because of the Nylon its hold shape, even after you stretch on it. Im knitting Yukon Leaves by Lela Conrad. I really like the pattern. Im thinking knitting some arm warmers in the pattern I like it so much. I posted a picture so you guys can see what it looks like. Im just about to start turing the heel.

In other news, I slipped down the stairs last week and jacked the shit out of my bad knee. I slipped with it under me and then hit it on the wall. It felt like it did before I had surgery when my lower leg was seperating from my knee. I was so scared I tore my graft. But I went to the Ortho and he said I was good and that my graft was in tack. I just opened up some shit in my knee and theres fluid all back in it (yuck).

Im promoting shows for Woodward on March 22nd (see post below), April 9th (once again see below) and the Chicago show (just fucking look below and write it down!). The guys are awesome and its hard not to want them to go far. Im not getting paid for the work I do and Im totally okay with that. Its not a job, its a friend thing.

Ok, Im going to finish watching drag racing and finish my heel turn.
Shut Up! I kill you!

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