Monday, March 24, 2008

When I get bord

This is what happens when Im sitting in the garage bord with nothing to do and there is black tires and paint near me. On the plus side, Boy *loves* them. There the race car tires. They match the race car now and they look fucking sweet. I want to do the slicks but I have a feeling that after the first burn out, all the paint will crack off.

I havent been feeling well. Ive been super tired all day long the past week and its killing me. I dont know what the hell is up.

Ive got a couple stitches working their way up in my knee still. This also is driving me nuts because it itches and its knida creepy to keep pulling stitches out of my leg at this point in time. And no, my knee doesnt feel any better. It still fucking hurts really bad. And my back hurts too.

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