Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day Sucks

Yes, Valentines day does suck. Its a lame holiday that makes single people, and non single people whose spouses dont believe in it, feel like shit. So I say BOOO to Valentines Day.

Tuesday was not a good day. I had my one week Doctors appointment which did go good. Got my steary stiches off, got a good look at the incisions, then they put more on. Got the okay to have full 90 degree's of motion, and the okay to not wear my brace if I dont want too (yesss!). But my knee was Killing me. It was bad. PT was even worse. I cried. George (Tia's affectionate name for my knee) just didnt want to work with me. It was stiff, didnt want to bend and wanted to fight with me the whole way. I couldnt get the pain to stop. I was up all night, again. This deep, bone jarring, aching just wont stop. The pain meds wont even work.

We might be going up to Boyne this weekend so Boy and another guy he works with can go snowboarding. The other guys wife is coming with their new baby, who actually is almost one I think. She had her 2 weeks before Boy broke his neck last year on march 8th. Ah, anyway, it should be nice. I might hang out at the hill with them or I might hang out with the wife in the cabin. Either way I get to knit and read so I dont care.

I had my first "buisness" meeting on Monday morning with a yarn rep. It was so cool. It took about three hours to go through the lines I wanted to carry and we wrote up 3 orders. Im not going to put all 3 in at once, we just wrote them up so I can remember what yarn I want in what color and how much of it.
I still have to go to the county clerks office to to get my tax ID, open the buisness bank account along with a credit/debt card and Im on my way. I cant wait till it finally opens!!

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