Saturday, February 9, 2008

Start them engines!

NHRA drag racing has offically started today!! Im so excited I could pee myself. I love drag racing so much. Granted its only qualifing, but its racing just the same. Finals are on tomorrow. Im a bit bummed though because my favorite race, Melanie Troxel moved from Top Fuel to Funny Car this year. I think she rocked more in Top Fuel.

Anyway, Monday is my first "offical" meeting for my buisness. I admit, Im alittle geeked. Im meeting with a yarn rep. to go over different lines of yarn I want to carry and pricing. Im excited. Things really seem to be moving along. Being off because of my knee is helping too because I have alot of time on my hands.

My knee hurts like hell. Its a different kind of hurt now. Its the deep, bone jarring pain that I assume comes when they drill holes into your bones. Its aching and I just cant get it confortable. Its driving me fucking crazy. And the pain pills really arent helping this pain either.

I got presents in the mail yesterday from my girlies on Tia and Kelly sent me a "care package" to make me feel better. I got some super sweet sock yarn from Knitting Like Crazy in the colorway named, and Im sure it was on purpose, Ski Trip. Ill take pics of it later. Its a great sock yarn that is dyed by hand at . She'll also custom dye for you. Check her out, its worth it. I also got some beautiful stitch markers, an awesome smelling candle, a cute little project bag from Kelly from Chix, and some German Chocolate cheesecake lipbalm (sooo yummy!). It made me feel so good to open it. Lets me know my girls care about me.

I also got another present in the mail today from my friend Dave, who is in the band Woodward, which is absolutly fucking awesome. I seriously suggest you check them out because they fucking rock!! He sent me a CD of them to help make me feel better, which it did. Their music makes me happy, and I love listening to it. You must also check them out I insist. And if you dont check them out, I'll eat your first born child!! Okay, just kidding, I wont eat your first born, but I might inflict bodily harm.

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Jen said...

I am glad you love the yarn! :)