Tuesday, February 5, 2008

No Wonder it hurts...

Well Im doing okay today. My lower incision has been hurting me alot yesterday and today. When I went to the doctors this morning and he removed my dressings I found out why, its where they drilled into my bone! No wonder it hurts so much.

My knee does look really good the doc says. It isnt that swollon and my incisions havent bled or seeped at all. The scope images And I've been able to bear wieght on it since I got out of the hospital bed, which is really good. I can also walk on it without the brace on as well. At Psyical Therapy the therapist said Im ahead of schedule because I can bear wieght on it and Im able to bend my knee and straighten it alot. My muscles are still strong.

But dont get me wrong, my knee is killingme right now. Its aching like a son of a bitch from bending it at PT. Im hooked up to my Game Ready cooling machine as we speak (or type). Im still on alot of pain meds today but hopefully tomorrow I can start not taking them as much. Im aiming for pain meds only on PT days, which is 3 days a week. Ouch!

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