Sunday, February 3, 2008

Stop being a little bitch!

As a good friend of mine says, It must be pretty egomaniacal of myself to think that someone would actually like to read about me and my mundane life. Oh well. Your lose I guess because Im pretty friggin sweet.

I've decided to start a "real" blog for a couple reasons. One, I dont have anything better to do, Two, I get knee surgery tomorrow and I'll have alot of free time over the next like 6 months, and Three, its a good way to promote my up and coming buisness, my on-line yarn shop.

Oh and side note, the New York Giants just won the Superbowl as Im writting this (big deal?)

Now more about this said knee surgery. Right before Christmas on my new skiis on my second run down the hill I totally ate shit and twisted the shit out of my knee. It blew up, went to ER, they said its a sprain and no tearing of the ACL, but sports Medicine doctor says I tore my ACL and the Ortho surgen agrees. Damn. So now Im going in for a cadaver graft ACL repair. And by cadaver I mean a dead guy (or girl) ligament. Kinda creepy. But its better for me because now they dont have to cute me open somewhere else to graft some of my own ligaments which makes healing time faster.
But on the up and up, and parden my language (In my own blog!!) but this is going to fucking suck and its gonna hurt like a son of a bitch. Worse could happen though. I could of broken my neck like Boy (boyfriend) did last year (thats a story for another day), although his didnt require getting anything cut open. I need to just suck it up and quit being a little bitch about it.

I'll let you guys know how everything goes tomorrow....if Im lucid enough.


angelia said...

Yay on the new bloggie!! Is preeeeety!

Best of luck with the knee surgery today, sweetie. I've blown out both of my knees, and while I never had to have surgery, I did have to wear what looked like a golf bag on one for about 3 months. It was the suck. And now, it's arthritic.


To Strung Up To Sleep said...

Yes, the gulf bag thing sucks!