Thursday, February 21, 2008

This is funny!

I've determined that most of my friend would never read "Life's LittleInstruction Book" or at least not follow the rules. So here are somethat you will all enjoy, taken from "Life's Little Destruction Book."

Signal left, turn right
If the mistake is in your favor, don't correct it
Tell the ending of movies
Cut people off in the middle of their sentences
Develop a convenient memory
Tailgate the elderly
Develop a truly tasteless foul mouth
Blow out other people's birthday candles
If there is going to be a fight, make sure you start it
Reserve compliments for people who can do you some good
Accuse, Confuse, and Refuse
Put off until tomorrow whatever you can o the day after tomorrow
Focus on winning and to hell with how you play the game
Revenge is sweet, get some
Get a backseat driver's license
Change the rules to suit your moods
Always have an ulterior motive
Pee in the swimming pool
Bite your dentist's finger
Make animal noises in libraries
Procrastinate and someone else will surely do it
Bitch, Bitch, Bitch
Play mind games
Disturb the peace
Jump to conclusions
Be a bad sport
Answer the phone with "what do you want?"
Always be right

And last but not least: Don't get caught!

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