Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just Another Monday

Not much going on today. We might be going to Utah to go skiing (we'll Boy to go snowboarding since I cant). Were having trouble booking the flights because the airline keeps blocking out our flights out there. That and we can only get one ticket with the Sky Miles we have because their expired which isnt a problem because I can activate them at any time. It will just take 8-12 weeks before I see them and thats definaly going before then. And regular tickets are fucking retardedly expenisve. I Boy to take my moms points and go. I dont mind staying home. I cant ski anywat right now and one of us should be able to have fun.

That and I hate flying. Those long trips kill my leg. That and its impossible to get comfortable so all I do is squerm and it suck. As much as I want to go to Utah because its beautiful and they have some great trails and rocks climbing, I would rather stay home and keep healing. I really dont care if he goes. I would love for him to go though. It would be a nice break and he'll have a great time and traveling..

Also ftlled on an app. For The township possition is for a clerk/dispatch possition. I hope I get. I;ll be going to into interview, *again* if i get it.

Ok, pain meds and sleeping pills are kicking in so Im going to bed. I can bearly see, let alone type without nodding off.

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