Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stupid Bellhousing

So Ive been out in the garage all day (like 7 hours and Im still here) because we put the clutch and bellhousing back in the race car only to find that the 3 month bulid time, $3000 custom built bellhousing, doesnt fit!!! I thought Boy was going to kill someone. It was grim there for a second. Then we took it off and looked at it and I suggested that he take out the steel plate that goes around the inside of the housing to stop the clutch from coming through it if it ever explodes (the actual bellhousing is Aluminum which isnt strong AT ALL and his leggies are right there). He took it out, figured out that he could trim like an inch of it off and it would fit back in perfect not catching the flywheel like it was before. So after like 3 hours of cutting and chucking it up in the Mill and all that jazz he finished it and it fits perfect. God he is so god damn hand with metal and tools its sexy. It still fucking sucks balls that we had to modify a $3000 fucking custom part, but such as life.

Now I guess the real trick is, is getting somone who actaully understood anything I just wrote. Sorry. I forgets not everyone has a race car.

Boy just painted mai tonails. He was being all cute and technical about it. I was giggling. I also just got some kick ass business card, return addy stickers and note pads for dirt ass cheap. I cant wait till they come!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


So Im going to get my check for my business Sunday. This is it. Ive reached the final step. I'm just crunching my numbers right now to make sure I have all my totals right and I'll be on my way to putting in my first orders for Motor City Knits. I seriously cant wait. This just doesnt seem real. Im sure after I have to bust my ass to get my orders ready and out it will seem real, but for now its like a dream. Just as good as a wet dream come to think of it.:giggle:

Norway, websites...

Ok, I finally decided to let people see my website that Ive been working on. I dont know if Ive ever explained it here, but I own my own company. Motor City Knits is my baby. Its my on-line yarn shop. I dont have any inventory yet because Im not done tweaking the site and other little details yet. But Im sooooo close I could taste it. Other then my piss poor grammer in the site, everyone liked it. I tried to make it as easy as possible to navigate around in. Easy is good. But here is a look for you guys too.

On other annoying notes, Im trying to book a hotel in Oslo Norway for Boy and I. We are staying 3 extra days to go and have fun. But, I have no fucking idea what kind of money they use so I have no idea how much these stupid fucking rooms cost. Ah!
While Im there Im going to try to go to Sweden and Denmark. There so close I dont think I could not go while Im there. Im so excited to go I cant wait.

Monday, March 24, 2008

When I get bord

This is what happens when Im sitting in the garage bord with nothing to do and there is black tires and paint near me. On the plus side, Boy *loves* them. There the race car tires. They match the race car now and they look fucking sweet. I want to do the slicks but I have a feeling that after the first burn out, all the paint will crack off.

I havent been feeling well. Ive been super tired all day long the past week and its killing me. I dont know what the hell is up.

Ive got a couple stitches working their way up in my knee still. This also is driving me nuts because it itches and its knida creepy to keep pulling stitches out of my leg at this point in time. And no, my knee doesnt feel any better. It still fucking hurts really bad. And my back hurts too.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


:sigh: I love Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Paige is a God.

Oh Beautiful Bag

So, I think this is my new knitting bag. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love. Im a sucker for a hot bag. Im a bag whore. Its the Namaste Malibu bag. I want it in Olive. Check out this sexy little number.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"The List"

Ok, if you dont know what "The List" is, let me explain. In life, there are certain things that we all just hate, and I mean hate. It could be something small, a band, a person, an object etc. As life goes on, the list gets bigger. I choose to choose what goes on my list very carefully. Too each their own though. So this is my list, thus far. Trust me when I say, it will go.

"The List"

~U2 (Bono sucks)
~Tony Shumaker (drag racer who is the devil incarnite)
~Rich Christensen (From Pinks. The guys a total fucking douch bag)
~Race car seat belts that wont fucking go in right after 8 hours.
~Socks that I have knitted that are too small when I only have two more
fucking inches to go or have frogged more then once for this reason.
~Dumb girls with no common sense. Or sense at all for that matter.
Note to self: "Self, add the 'List' here tonight."

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just another Sunday

Havent been to vist for awhile so I figured I would stop by and say :dragqueenvoice: Heeeyyy!! Right this minute, the neighbors cat Phobe (its a boy, how cruel) is staring at me through the back door window. That thing loves Boy and he (mostly me) feeds him kittah treats or ham. Friday night he ate seriously half a pound of ham. I was amazed. But he keeps staring at Boy right now cuz he wants to come inside. I feel bad, but not too bad because Im allergic. But he is a cool cat. And now he went around to the front door to see if he can get in that way. Silly Kittah.

Drag racing is on right now. Melanie didnt make it in and the devil incarnite Tony Shumaker is still in. Ahh, I hate him!! He is NOT gonna win the series this year even if I have to personally kill him with my bare hands. Which I could and would do.

Working on a pair of socks with Kraemers Saucon Sock yarn. Its animal fiber free for my non animal fiber wearing friends. Its a 44% cotton, 43% Acrylic, 13% nylon yarn and thus far is working up quite nice. It isnt all nasty like most cotten yarns and because of the Nylon its hold shape, even after you stretch on it. Im knitting Yukon Leaves by Lela Conrad. I really like the pattern. Im thinking knitting some arm warmers in the pattern I like it so much. I posted a picture so you guys can see what it looks like. Im just about to start turing the heel.

In other news, I slipped down the stairs last week and jacked the shit out of my bad knee. I slipped with it under me and then hit it on the wall. It felt like it did before I had surgery when my lower leg was seperating from my knee. I was so scared I tore my graft. But I went to the Ortho and he said I was good and that my graft was in tack. I just opened up some shit in my knee and theres fluid all back in it (yuck).

Im promoting shows for Woodward on March 22nd (see post below), April 9th (once again see below) and the Chicago show (just fucking look below and write it down!). The guys are awesome and its hard not to want them to go far. Im not getting paid for the work I do and Im totally okay with that. Its not a job, its a friend thing.

Ok, Im going to finish watching drag racing and finish my heel turn.
Shut Up! I kill you!

Monday, March 10, 2008

too strung up to sleep


Its about time!!

Well everyone, my favorite band has decided to finally grace our presence here in Michigan, and in Chicago if your in the area, with their awesomeness. Im telling you guys, their fucking awesome and dont just take my word for it. Go check them out for yourself. I promise you'll love them. Its seriously impossible not too. And if you dont want to (which I still cant understand why the hell you wouldnt) go see them, at least click onthe link so I can win the contest because you love me, and their awesome.

Come see Woodward the band live @ Paycheck's in Hamtramck on Wednesday April 9 as part of the International Pop Overthrow Festival.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Im Alive

Ok, I havent been on in awhile. Im sorry. Alot of crazy shit has happened. Boy and I broke up for a week, then got back together. We're working things out and I hope it works because I love him so much.

Im also getting bad muscle atrophy in my left leg, up to my butt, from the knee surgery. It sucks really fucking bad because it hurts really bad. All the muscles ache so bad it hurts to walk or lay on it and my hip is killing me. That and I have horrible pinching in my knee cap. This whole knee shit is sucks bbig fucking time.

I also got my state tax ID # so Im offically a business owner in Michigan!! Im so excited about that. I can finally get my orders put in and get my yarnz rolling in and the site up. Hooray!