Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bad or Not?

Things have been really stressed around the house. With the duck getting attacked, racing season starting, Motor City Knits launching, Boys job, things are just crazy. Even though things have been crazy, I found time to read a box called "Riding The Bus With My Sister". For those of you how dont know about it, its a real life story about a women and her struggles with dealing with her mentally challanged sister. Reading it helped me understand that Im not the only one who gets frustrated with a mentally challanged family memeber. So here is my point: Boy's sister is mentally challanged. Some days she is totally on her game and you would never know that there was something wrong. Then other times she it so stupid (its what we call it when she is have an off day. We dont actually call her stupid) and she can bearly get out of bed, get dressed or tie her own shoes. She also has wild mood swings. One minute she loves you, then next you on her shit list and you dont exsist in her world. Its so annoying because when your on her shit list she is a totally BITCH and it will driving you nuts. Case in point, when we were at the race track she was filming Boys pass and when I asked her if she got footage she said no. Then 10 mintures later she staanding there showing Boy and his friend the footage she hhad gotten. When I walked upped the clip was just ending and she was like "Oops, its over" and slapped the side screen closed. I was pissed. Really pissed. I dont care if she gets attitude with me at home, but when she pulls this shit at the race track in's very unacceptable and she knows better. I know it may not sound like much, but added with all the other little tud's she gives you on any given day for no reason, makes you just flat out pissed. Boy was like "Are you fighting with a retarded person?" I guess yes. She is very hard and annoying to deal with. When she gets her attitude, she is impossible to be around because you want to just smack her up side her head. She is also a repeater when she talks so she says stuff twice. In a convo, its enough to make you mad. But the worst is her lying. My god does that women tell some lies. You can never believe what she says be 50% or more is lies.
Does this make me a bad person to be annoyed with a metallt challenged person? There are just days I dont want to talk on ends about horses with her, I just feel bad being annoyed with her, when its not her fault. I know she cant help it, but somedays she is so normal and your like Yesss! She is in this world today. Then on her bad days she'll drive you fucking crazy
I dont know. I just feel bad about it. My couch meds are kicking in so Im fading. I'll touch more on this tomorrow.

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Lia said...

She sounds like a pill to deal with, Jess! I'm so sorry. And people like that--mentally challenged or not--can really be psychic vampires, draining us of energy best spent on something else.

I know it's difficult, but just try to remember the source and move on.