Sunday, May 18, 2008


Yesterday: It is super crazy, but he is doing really well today. We gave him his pain meds and antibiotics this morning and he got that all done fine. It just took 3 hours to give him the pain meds, anti’s and some food. The serenge thing for everything is a pain and he is showing us he feels the same by trying to bite the serenge :giggle: Looks like he back to his old self. He is alert today because all that shit from yesterday wore off. He is doing his quaking again, which was always soft and wonderful to hear again, and he played in the pool this morning loving the warm water. He cant splash water on himself because he cant really turn his head much which was how he got water on him, so we splash him and he shakes around, and flaps his wings and trys to act normal which is nice to see. He is realizing there is something wrong with his beak because when he tried to pren himself, he realized he cant and it hurts and its hard to watch, I feel bad watching. He is also opening and closing his mouth trying to figure out whats wrong with it and why he cant eat. But he was going after lettuce we ripped up in the pool which shows us he does have an appitite.
Marete, we are almost possitive it was a raccoon that got him. Its the only thing big enough to do that kind of damage. Had it been a dog, there would be nothing left except for some feathers. Lucky for me, raccoons are considered a “nusence animal” so your allowed to kill them. We’ve had a raccoon problem for a long time, with them destroying stuff, so now Im going to fix that. A .22 handgun works perfect for such a problem. And before anyone asks, no I dont care about killing them, doesnt bother me a bit. Natural consiquences for fucking with my duck.
Last night was aweful with him. He got mad and tried to bite the rubber serenge and ended up hitting something on his beak and he started bleeding. The bleeding wouldnt stop and it was just dripping down his tongue onto the floor and every time he shook his head, he flung blood on me. I had to stick him in a warm pool to get the bleeding to stop and by the time we were done, I was covered in blood. I came home and got into the shower and as I was standing watching the blood go down the drain and wished that whatever attacked him had finished the job. It was just so aweful to see him that way. I know thats a bad thing to think, its just not fair to him. He never did anything to anybody and he, like Sissy, doesnt understand why this happened to him and whats wrong with him.

Today:Good duck news: He is eating food!!! We are mashing his regular food up with water turning it into paste, putting it on his tongue, then using the powered food mixed in the water to drop on his tongue so he’ll open his mouth and eat the food paste. He ate a nice little bit. Thats really great. And he likes to have his tongue stroked. I have no idea why, but he does. He had some layers taken off his tongue and the vet described it as being like a burn when you drink something hot. His tongue also when from white to pink finally so he’s getting good blood flow to it, and it appears that his beak is scabbing over because its turning white. He is also feeling like his old self again because he is talking to the dryer when there is no one in the basement. Considering he is my duck, its not suprising that he’s a little retarded and talks to the dryer. But its loud and he is talking to it. And when you walk but the cage, he pokes his head between the bars and trys to bit you, something he always did playfully before. He is spending more time in his pool playing around. He wants to go be by Peanut so bad but she actually doesnt want anything to really do with him. She actually tried to attack him a couple times so we cant let her really be by him because were too afraid she’s bite his beak. I have no idea why sheis acting this way. The only thing I can think of is he still might smell like whatever attacked them. And we realized that Peanut has claw or bite marks down her beak. We figure whatever attacked tried to ger her first and he went after it trying to protect her.

He one strong little duck. And lucky. I want to take a picture so I can document the healing in his beak over time. I’m post pictures in here and if people want to look they can and if they dont, they dont have too. Im just giving everyone a heads up.

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