Friday, May 9, 2008

Itchy Rash

Ok, so maybe the kick ass cough medicine isnt so kick ass after all. I have a giant rash all over my body and it itches. Guess Im still allergic to Codeine after all :Oops: Its all over everything, and now its starting to itch, AHhhh!!! I want to take some Benydril but I dont want to fall asleep again because I lost out on another day yesterday. I fell asleep at about 3:30 again and didnt wake up till 7 this morning. Only this time I didnt see Boy at all.

It still feels like someone kicked me in the chest, and Im still coughing, but I think I should stay away from it for a while. If I go out in public, I have a good chance of someone calling the hazmat team on me :Eep!: My face feels all funny from the rash and from it peeling from my sunburn. What a weird combo. But at least its not poison ivy. Poison Ivy and I do not get along. I get it every year, and Im sure someone of you know my woes with it. I got it in a rather, unpleaseant place last year, like, down there... The only way I can think that I could of gotten it there was when I came in too pee, I didnt wash my hands good enough before or when I went to get into the shower. Either way, it fucking sucked.

Im on this mission now to learn how to knit some hard core Fair Isle now. Norway totally inspired me to take my knitting to a whole nother level. I want to be able to knit myself the kind of sweaters I saw in Norway. Its going to be so awesome, proven I can do it. I just need to find some patterns (probably from the library) and just do it. It may take awhile because colorwork is hard as hell, but I know I'll get it eventually, after Ive threatend to kill, break and burn everything around me.

Ok, I think Im going to try and get some knitting done. Im almost done with my 2 socks on 2 circs. I cant wait till I start the other pair of socks with the yarn I got from Ms. Angelia at Blackthrone Fibers. Their going to be beautiful!!!

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