Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just a quick pantie change...

I dont know what the hell has been up, but I have been having some just overtly sexual dreams lately. I cant understand. Every morning I wake up drenched in sweat and wet from a true life wet dream. Now dont get me wrong, Im not complaining one bit. Who would complain about something like that? I dont even need to be awake to have an orgasm, its fucking awesome! I just cant understand why Im having them so much lately. My sex life is great. I wonder if its just a change in hormones or something. Whatever it is, is strange, but Im not gonna wish it away. It stay as long as it wants :grin:

On the duck front, everything is great. He is eating all by himself, even though we are still feeding him by hand 4 times a day to make sure he is getting enough food. He has started playing and quaking again. I was standing downstairs with my back to his cage and I feel a pinch on my back and on my arm. I turn around and that little shit had his head between the bars biting me!!! I started chasing him in the cage and he was quaking and playing with me and it reassured me that he was definatly getting better. That and he is eating and drinking on his own and his beak is healing wonderfully. It doesnt even occur to him that anything is wrong with him. Its great. My female, Peanut, though is not thrilled by all this. She isnt taking to him very well. She keeps pecking at him. I suspect its because he isnt "whole" in her eyes and she doesnt like it. I hope that after we get his prostetic beak she'll be fine. I hope.

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Lia said...

Well, you know I have those dreams, too! Though sadly, none lately. :pout:

I'm so glad to hear duckie is doing well! It's so pitiful to see animals hurt that badly.

The whole prosthetic beak thing is fascinating. I can't wait to see pics!