Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Horrid Ick

:cough: :hack: :sniffle: I has the Ick :ohnoes!!: I knew it would probably happen from being on the plane so long. I feel asleep all nice a nd cuddle to the Boy last night, then around 1:30am my throat started hurting. I tried to ignore it, but it just got worse and worse. So I went down stairs and tried to sleep with some cough drops, but on luck. I was just getting medicine tummy :yuck: So I grabbed my head lamp and my book and went and read with the fishies from 2:30am till about now. Im peeved, because Im super tired and not fulley adjusted to the time difference yet, and now Im sick. My throat is on fire, and I know its strep. Boy told me to go to the doctors and I was like, no, I’ll just ave her call me in a script, but he was very adimit that I go to the doctors today which is weird because he always tells me I dont need to go. Hum. So Im going to try to get in today. It hurts to just open my mouth. Ahhh, I hate planes. So now Im just cuddled up in mai chair by the fishies waiting for the doctors to open so I can call and sneak in. Im starving, but everything hurts going down except ice cream . I had three ice cream sammies at about 5am because I had medicine tummy so bad I couldnt stand it. Stooopid cough drops :bleeeck:

Turns out tis was a good idea to go to the doctors. I have the Bronch :feck: I have no idea how it manifested itself in less then 12 hours, but it did. The doctor was like, you dont look well at all. So she had a listen to the chest and said there was some yucka gurgles in there and while she was listening she was like, your burning up, have you taken your temp. I said no, so she took it and it was 101.0 :oops: No wonder I was feeling light headed and my eyes were burning and I kept getting hot and cold. And the cough I had was horrid (but probably not as bad as yours Marete, thank goodness), it hurt so bad to cough, and it still does. So she gave me a script for a Z-pack and some serious big boy cough medicine with codine in it. I had to start with the Z-pack because Im allergic to most antibiotics because Im allergic to penicillin, sulfa and keflex. She told me if it doesnt appear to be working by the time its done, to call her right away so she can start me on something else becfore it turns into something way worse.
So I took the couch medicine yesterday around 3pm. The last thing I remeber is talking to Boys mom around 3:30 while eating a freezy pop. I knew I wasnt talking right and was fucked up. That was the last thing I really remember until I woke up this morning at 7am!! I slept from like 3:30 till 7 thing morning. 15 hours straight!! I couldnt believe it. The cough medicine said “May cause drowsiness”. Ha! I do remember Boy throwing a pillow at me on the couch because I was passed out cold when he got come and he was trying to talk to me but I was not hearing anything he was saying and he wanted to make sure I was okay. He said soemthing about tryingt call me and I didnt answer and I think I told him I never heard the phone ring, because I didnt. Then he woke me up to ask if I wanted dinner and I said no. Then he woke me up again to tell me to go upstairs to bed and I remember seriously stumbling upstairs. I have no idea what time these things happened though. I guess I really was sick this time.
I feel a bit better this morning, but not much. My sore throat is almost gone, thank god. I think that was the worst of all. I can deal with mucus and sore chests, but not throats. Im phlemy (sp?) and i still have a fever. I can always tell when I have a fever because I get light headed and my body burns. Oh, and zits appear on my face from all the heat :grrr: So Im eating freezy pops right now, about to move on to carmel ice cream . I still have the coughs, and I want to take some cough medicine, but I need to wait till I get some stuff done or Im going to be out cold again till tomrooow.
Ahh, ick sucks.

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