Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Devil Wins Again...

Yea, Tony Schumacher won US Nationals again for the 8th time tieing Big Daddy Don Garlits for the most winningest Top fuel driver. I swear, drag racing was against me yesterday. Why does it hate me so? Why does it allow Satan Tony to win even though Allen Johnson is no longer his crew chief? Why oh why? At least Ashley Force won in Funny Car becoming the first female to EVER win a US National in history in Funny Car so that was awesome. What was even more awesome was her dad, John Force almost kicking Tony Pedregons ass for talking shit about John Force Racing, right after Ashley kicked his ass racing!! It was pretty intense and funny to watch. God I love drag racing!! US Nationals is, after all, the most important race of the entire year and a win there means more to drivers then winning over all championships.

But other then racing not much else is going on. My mouth finally stopped hurting from getting my teeth pulled, but I still have super annoying holes in my mouth that catch food and from what I hear, this lasts for a while, shit.

I was in the Flint Journal for Roller Derby in August. http://blog.mlive.com/higher-education/2009/08/the_flint_roller_derby_girls_a.html Im obviously the one in the pink with the green plaid helmet with my name captioned next to the picture. Its a horrific picture of me. NO ONE looks good bent over in pads and my face looks huge and swollon because it is, I had had my wisdom teeth pulled two weeks before and that was the first practice back that I could get my mouth guard in without tearing out my stitches out and the the swelling allowed me too. I was also in The Grand Blanc View last week http://viewnewspapers.net/moxie2/Scene/flint-city-derby-girls-ge.shtml The pictures too small to see but Im there and Im quoted at the very end. She put in exactly what I wanted her too. As being one of the heads of Promotions Committee for Flint City Derby Girls, its really important I get the word out about all the great things we do for our city and out community.

But now I need to sleep because I have derby practice tomorrow and Boys going to kick my ass during it because, of yea, he's our coach. Coach Nazi, and we love him for it!! But I need my sleep. It takes alot out of me and out first real Bout is this Sunday at Rollhaven at 6pm.