Sunday, September 14, 2008

Well Its Been A While

It was brought to my attention (thanks Julie) that I 1)Havent been here in a while 2) havent told you guys whats been going on with Mister, my duck. All things on the duck front are great. He still doesnt have half of the top part of his bill and never will, but he is fine. He can eat on his own and prean himself pretty decent for the most part and he can still bite (fucker!). He also lost half of his total body weight when it happend, and when you only weigh 5 lbs to begin with that tricky. But he has gained it all back and looks like his big fat self again. We do however still hand feed him twice a day just to make sure he is getting enough food, and we bath him once a week with baby shampoo to make sure he is clean since he cant clean himself as well as he used to be able to. But all in all, he is fine.

I finally got a job. Im working up at Ewe to You Yarns where I live. Im teaching sock classes up there and puttering around and Im fucking loving it. Im getting paid to do what I love. It seriously doesnt get any fucking better then that!

Right now its raining. Its been raining for a couple days now as a result of all the hurricans and I swear, we are going to drown. There is a lake in my back yarn. Pretty soon Im going to be able to wakeboard back there, no joke.

Oh yea, be got a boat! A 2000 Sport Nautique but it has the factory ballists and tower so technically its an Air Nautique. And its purple!! Not my color of choice, but whatever. Boy and I have used the shit out of it. I was the first to get hurt on it, of course. Knocked myself out cold after a jump when the board came up and hit me in the back of the head. Then like a moron I went again and fell, again, and gave myself whiplash. Ended up throwing up for 4 days before I went to the ER. Turned out by then all I had bad a bad concussion. Good thing I didnt go in sooner.


Julie said...

you're a nut! Used to water ski when I was a kid (your age) and DREAMED of having a ski boat.We never had one, but I managed to hurt myself just as well behind the piece of crap that we had!! Thanks for the update, I'm glad to hear that Mister is doing well! Do you think he is a candidate for a prosthetic beak?

To Strung Up To Sleep said...

He is a candidate for a prosthesis but they only last anywhere from two days to two months and at $500 a pop, we decided against it. He can still eat so we didnt feel so bad about it.