Saturday, April 17, 2010

Death by Change?

Impending doom is looming over my world and dispite what anyone says, there isnt anything I can do about it. I feel a large change about to take place and I can only sit back, hold on and say "Holy fuck, this sucks but at least Im not being eaten by great white sharks". (even though if I could choose an animal to get eaten by, it would totally be a fucking Great White Shark!)

I hate when I cant be funny or think of something funny because everything I know is about to change. What a downer, damnit!


Link said...

Death, no. Probably more like enlightenment, takes awhile to figure it out though. That what my brain keeps trying to convince me of at least.

Jessica Kalmeta said...

Yea, I think thats what my brain keeps trying to tell me too, I just keep trying to fight it like the pig head I am. Change is good, its just always seems scary right when its happening.

Link said...

niech Moc będzie z Tobą