Monday, March 16, 2009

Well You Know

Not too much happening round my parts. Boy and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary on Friday. He took me to Bennihana's, which to be completely honest, doesnt feel special anymore because we go there so much, but none the less, it was still a nice dinner out with him. I wanted to go roller skating too, but his neck was hurting really bad so we didnt go. Oh well, he made up for it later :winkwink:

Think I threw my back out this weekend. My lower back is killing me. I thought it was hurting because maybe I was going to start my period, but its been three days and no period, but still a killing back. I spent all day yesterday laying on the floor in the fish room on a heating pad with my feet up on my knitting chair watching the fish tank. The tank actuallyt looks cool as hell upside down, the water is mezmorizing from that angle. And the fish kept staring at me like, what the fuck are you doing down there, and feed us. Eventually after 3 hours they lost intrest in me and did there own thing. I didnt sleep well because it was hurting so bad, and Ive come close to ODing on Advil yesterday and today (but not really), and Im chillin' with the heating pad right now, and it still hurts. I just dont know WHAT I did. And yes it hurt before I got my freak on with Boy friday night, so that wasnt what did it.

KNitting wise, Im still plugging along for my Master Knitting. Cathy has told me that on Wednesdays she wants me knitting my master knitting stuff from 2-4p to set a good example. I told her if she was going to twist my arm about sitting there and knitting while getting paid, I guess I have no choice. My job is just so tough I tell yea. I also turned the heels and picked up the gussets for my 2 socks on DPN's last night. Suprisingly, it was actually really easy. I like my students are going to be totally okay with doing it. Its not that confusing at all. Im doing the gusset decresses right now. They should be done by next week. Im also casted on a felted tote using the Lizard Ridge blanket pattern from Knitty. Its gonna look so bad ass when Im done. Im also doing a class on that too.

All and all, things are good I would say. except for this shit ass back crap which is for the god damn birds.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Woolgirl Sockclub 2009!!!

Got my first package of the year today for Woolgirls sock club and let me tell you am I excited as all get out!!! Jen has totally done it again. Alot of people didnt sign up again this year because the price was raised, but I trusted Jen when she said it would be worth it and I paid up, and let me tell you, IT WAS WORTH IT!!! The first shipment contained cashmere sock yarn!!! Oh my fucking god, totally worth it right there!!! Also came with a kickass pen (which will now be my planner/check pen), some yummy lilac lotion Ive already used and love, some chocolate Im going to give Boy because, well, I dont like chocolate, a great Latern Moon sock bag, a cute card and calendar magnet. She also put in our fun contest questions which I hurried up and answered and submited because if I win I get $50 worth of Woolgirl goodness. I cant pass that up!!! Jen is also doing another sock club, The Wizard of Oz sock club....and your goddamn right Im doing it!! How could I not?!?!? Its one for my favorite movies, I wouldnt miss it for the world. With this one you can pick and choose which months you want to do, but not me, Im doing the whole thing. I dont want to miss a single month. :GEEEEE: So excited!!

On a shitty note, I finally figured out what I was allergic to on my face. Its my fucking makeup remover. My eyelids and around my eyes were itching so bad yesterday and it got worse after I washe dmy makeup (which is somethign I do everyday as soon as I get home) so finally I couldnt deal with the itching so I put Caladryl on my eyelids and around them and went to bed. When I woke up this morning I could bearely opne my left eye. I knew it was going to be ugly, I didnt want to sit up and look in the mirror. But I did, and I looked like Sloth from the Goonies. It was horrible. My lids, especially my left one, was all swollen and looked fluid filled. They were so big they were hanging over my eyelashes and making it hard to open my left eye. So needles to say no makeup today. I wore a hat and ate allergy pills all day to help with the swelling. And Im going to be getting new makeup remover. Its new and its Neutragena, and the next person that tells me "Oh, its hypoallergenic, that cant be it" I'll seriously punch in the face. Its apparently not fucking hypoallergentic for me, just look at my goddamn face you tawt! GAH!

Boy drove me down to Heritage Spinning in Lake Orion this evening which was really nice. We pulled the new Corvette out for the first time this year from its hibernating spot in the heated garage (stupid spoiled fucking car). I needed a certain yarn for my masters knitting that they carried and I called him and asked if he wanted to go with me since we have been fighting lately because I havent been home and we havent spent anytime together (but we made up last night finally...SEX!!!!). It was a nice drive down and he was a real trooper in the yarn shop. He just stands there real quite and follows me around. I ended up getting two hanks of this Shepards wool in a cream/white. Its a local Michigan yarn and its so devinely soft and wonderful and just a pleasure to knit with. But beyond that I needed it because its nice and lofty and hides little mistakes well in my swatches and thats what I needed. I also got some handspun, hand dyed sock yarn from Heritage themselfs, and a really cool shawl pattern.

Now Im designing a hat pattern for a lady at the store. She came in with a newspaper and said she wanted a pattern of the hat some chick in the paper was wearing. I said we didnt have anything like that but it was an easy pattern and she should be able to figure it out easily. She said she was a new knitter and couldnt do that. I told her, give me 10 minutes and I could have a pattern written up for it and a couple days to have it knitted up. She was dumbfounded. I guess I just have a knack. So its my first design and were going to sell it at the store. I personally hate the hat and would never wear it, as funny as that is, but people love shit like this. I'll post pictures when Im done. The first wont look wonderful because Im double stranding some acrylic just to get the pattern details down on paper, but then I'll do it up nicely.