Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What the hell?

So I got this email last night from my mom. I have no idea what made this come about (other then watching Hope Floats). I have no idea what to think about it. I, for once, am speechless.

"I wish I could go back home and find what I was looking for or lost. I amsorry for what I put you thru looking for..... Looking for myself. I messedup a lot and I just tried to get the money to get us what your daddy neverhelped with. I just wanted the best for you. I hope you understand. I am soPROUD of you yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I gave you what I could, eventhough it wasn't always the best. But, you turned out to be the best personthat ever happened to me. The BEST person I ever knew. I am so glad I wasstrict with you, even though you hated me. I just always wanted the bestfor you. I will always be THANKFUL for having you. I guess this moviebrings out some sappy things in me. Thanks for remembering watching thismovie with me. I love Sandra Bullock in this. Reminds me of the way I wasso many years ago. Only I was a loser. My life never ended like hers. Howsilly I am. It's a movie. But movies sometimes relate to life. My Mom wasnever like hers though. Maybe that's why I'm sad. I don't know. Just loveme for how I tried. Ok! I Love you so much and am so proud of you! I wish Ihad done as much as you at your age. It was reallly sad when she went tosee her daddy and he didn't know her, but remembered her from a picture. Imiss my Daddy after that part.Ok, enough mushy stuff from me. We'll talk before I leave.

I Love Jessica.
Love Mom
Have a great day.

What do you guys think? Im not sure if she was drunk or what.


Trudy said...

I don't know your mom--but I know we moms look back in regret many times, and I'm so glad your mom got the nerve or the courage (or the martini, beer or wine!) to tell you how proud of you she is. If it took Hope Floats, so what!!

It also sounds like she's feeling a bit sorry for herself, and also sorry for whatever went down between you two!! It'll feel good for you to look back on one day, I promise!!

Trudy said...

You're very welcome, my dear!! And yes--I KNEW you'd LOVE the chapstick holder--you little devil!!

Lia said...

She sounds sincere, if a bit over-dramatic at times. At least she is aware of her failures and is willing to own up to them. She does say some sweet things about you (the you we all love). She could have been drunk when writing it, but that doesn't mean it's insincere. She could just be more open about her feelings after drinking. I know people like that.